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  • Q Can you do the non-destructive inspection?

    A Yes. We have professional inspectors to do dye-penetrant testing and ultrasonic testing.
  • Q How do you measure the dimensions of copper endring?

    A We have coordinate measuring machine which was imported from Germany.
  • Q Do you have the equipment for forging?

    A Yes. We have the 4000 ton forging machine.
  • Q How do you make the materials?

    A We have different size vacuum furnaces. All the materials are smelted in the vacuum furnace.
  • Q What materials can you make?

    A We can make copper material, like Cu-T2, Cu-TU1, Cu-HCP and copper alloy material, like CuAg, CuCr, CuZr, CuAl,CuCrZr, CuBe, CuSi, CuNiCrSi.
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