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Copper Chromium Zirconium Contact Line Begins Trial Operation

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Yantai Wanlong Vacuum Metallurgy Co., Ltd. (WLVM for short)has built the world's first batch production line of copper chromium zirconium contact line through independent research and development of core technology and independent manufacturing of core equipment.

A review group composed of 15 experts from relevant units of China Railway listened to WLVM technical report, reviewed relevant technical data, inspected production and testing equipment, and conducted field sampling test of products.

The expert review group agreed that the production equipment and process of copper chromium zirconium alloy contact line and carrier cable developed by WLVM with independent intellectual property rights ensure the stability of the billet composition and performance of copper chromium zirconium alloy, reduce the process energy consumption, have technical feasibility in the application of rail transit, have high innovation and promotion value.

On August 14, 2019, the copper chromium zirconium contact line produced by WLVM was successfully connected to the Shenshuo railway, and the trial operation began. Up to now, the operation is stable.

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